The problems we face as the inhabitants of this planet we call “Egypt” are plentiful and unique, challenging us to come up with innovative solutions. Inspired by the ingenuity that we saw radiate from Egyptians in the Arab Spring when we collaborated as strangers with a strong spirit of cooperation, we decided to create SolvEGYPT. SolvEGYPT is a platform that allows people to come together, to be constructive and inspire true change. Current social media platforms provide an outlet for us to air our grievances and commiserate but they are not created to guide constructive collaboration and action.

SolvEGYPT is a platform for organizations and individuals to collaborate, generate insights, and come up with solutions for various challenges in Egypt. The platform’s model applies design thinking theory in which participants explore a posted challenge to observe, research, brainstorm, exchange feedback and develop ideas to address the challenge.

Organizations such as businesses, non-profit organizations, or government entities sponsor the challenges posted on SolvEGYPT. This model promotes creativity within a focused and structured approach to finding innovative solutions.

Moreover, SolvEGYPT is a tool for citizen engagement for organizations and government entities to use in their decision making to receive ideas and feedback, allowing for more openness and transparency.

We strive to engage participants from diverse backgrounds to collaborate with each other because we truly believe the most innovative insights and solutions can be conceived when people with different life experiences and from different industries come together.