Interviews from a Workshop held on Energy Consumption Behavior

On March 25, SolvEGYPT held a workshop on design thinking around this challenge’s topic. Below is the interviews that were conducted during the workshop:

Eslam Ali

Currently, does not pay attention to conserving energy at home, he says he is too lazy to go back and turn off the light.
Since his abuse of electricity at home has not affected him monetarily ( the bill is not too high as it is split between 4) he does worry too much about leaving lights and other electrical equipment on even if they are not being used.
Believes as long as you are paying for the energy you use then you can use as much as you want. (El Ma3a Feloos Y-Abuse)
Discovered that when he lived in Germany because he was less stressed about life and felt he was less busy and in a positive environment, he actually did pay attention to use energy consumption behaviors and made a conscious effort to conserve.
Eslam is a 25-year-old student/ engineer who shares an apartment in Cairo. Eslam needs to feel he is responsible for his contribution to the energy situation and also to feel less stressed in his life to care enough to change his behaviors.

Sami Daoud

Uses a lot of electricity but is aware of his use
Keeps AC on 24/7 because he gets very hot easily
He values his comfort more than the cost of electricity and his overall effect on the environment… however, he is aware of the problem and open to a solution.
Needs a solution to keep himself comfortable (not hot) but uses less electricity.
Sami Daoud is a Middle Aged Man who lives with his mom and works in social development. He needs to live cost efficiently while being comfortable.

Maie Elzeiny

Moderate consumer of energy
Uses several ACs at the same time
Makes an effort to conserve energy but keeps a light on at night for safety purposes
Light=safety which at that point trumps the conservation efforts.
Energy consumption by light sensors is better in public places
More fees, more consumption in summer
Her parents pay the electricity bill
Yellow lights are better than white lights
She is not gonna add extra efforts to save energy

Muhammad Mansour

Mansour is a young professional in his 30s who’s living alone in a small apartment in October 6 City and goes out of his way to avoid waste, be efficient, and promote resource conservation.

Avoiding unnecessary time-wasting errands (paying bills, going to the electricity company…)
Minimizing waste
Minimizing costs
Advocating for conscious energy consumption as long as it’s not coming at the expense of personal convenience
Main Motto:
He hates waste in general and is obsessed with efficiency
Doesn’t turn the lights on unless absolutely necessary
Hates waste in water, food…etc.
Big advocate of efficiency
At ThePlanet (his workplace) he always argues with people who turn on / leave the lights on unnecessarily

Hating waste originally came from his family (his father and his grandmother) who are very conscious about not leaving/using all food leftovers.
Coming from the rural side has an effect in terms of realizing that there’s a full circle when it comes to food (everything gets used eventually – nothing goes to waste)
His family (in land/village) doesn’t have problems wasting water though; since water is super cheap and accessible (flooding land, for example) and aside from “utilizing food/food leftovers” they don’t have a problem wasting electricity, water…etc. as long as what is wasted is cheap and accessible
His awareness expanded growing up with readings and learning more about the world which led to not accepting waste in general (energy, water…)

What he does:
Turns off the light after people
While brushing his teeth → water tap is shut
Talks to people about saving electricity (acts as an advocate)
Takes the stairs without turning on the building lights
He charged the electricity card once at the old price (paid upfront) to avoid unnecessary errands/time waste going to the electricity company and he has still quota left / the electricity card saved him money as well
He uses all home appliances at the same time once every week to wash clothes, do dishes → doesn’t care then about energy savings as much as he cares about finishing home tasks
He doesn’t care much when it comes to consuming fuel and leaving the AC on in his car
Avoids unnecessary errands and standing in queues to pay his bills by paying a larger sum upfront

What he feels:
Disappointed/frustrated from all the waste
Hates the fact that there are places in Egypt deprived of electricity and clean water
What he thinks:
The electricity smart cards are a positive development

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