The Stick Approach

My opinion in this matter is to raise electricity prices by removing the subsidies covering it. This will lead Egyptians to economize and live a greener life, not for the environment’s sake, but for the sake of their wallets. Egyptians have shown time after time that they do not regard the environment as a significant topic and they take these issues for granted (the nile litering, air pollution, street waste…) They are immature in the subjects of nature conservation, water preservation and energy consumption. A strict regiment should be applied with penalties and fines but must always remain financial (not criminal). In order to see any significant decrease in electricity waste, the government should apply extra charges per kw and tax home owners for their excessive use. As for the government building and street lights, government officials reaponsible for these areas should be held accountable for these indescretions by applying tougher laws on government properties and tax payers money wasted (lol). As for the publuc transportation part, I cannot see the relevance so no comments on this part.

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